News Published: Jul 21, 2011 - 6:10 AM

Updated pedestrian signals announced in New Haven

By City of New Haven

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Standing on the corner of Chapel Street and College Street, Mayor John DeStefano, Jr., City Transportation, Traffic and Parking Director, Jim Travers and safe streets advocates announced recently that nine (9) of the busiest intersections will be safer for pedestrians as the result of newly upgraded pedestrian walk signals. The instillation is part of the City’s ongoing commitment to making New Haven more walkable and safe for pedestrians, motorist and cyclists.

“Unlike any other community in Connecticut, New Haven streets are
community spaces,” said Mayor DeStefano. “Of the 10 largest cities in New England, New Haven has the highest percentage of residents who walk and/or bike to work. This small investment will dramatically improve pedestrian safety in New Haven.”

The City has made the upgraded pedestrian signals a standard piece of new road design. In total the City and the Board of Aldermen approved $17,000 to upgrade the signals. The new pedestrian signals will be installed at the following intersections:

? Chapel at Orange
? Chapel at Temple
? Chapel at College
? Chapel at York
? Chapel at Park
? Elm at Temple
? Elm at College
? Elm at York
? Elm at High

“The City of New Haven is committed to creating a safe and
sustainable environment for our residents, businesses and visitors through education, street design and infrastructure improvement like these pedestrian signals,” said Jim Travers, director of
Transportation, Traffic and Parking. “Thousand of people walk through the downtown area, the medical district and our neighborhoods every day. This small step has the potential to save lives.”

The new signal allows a safe way for pedestrians to cross the street at cetain intersections. When activated, it provides time for the
pedestrian to enter the street on the steady "WALK" signal and finish crossing the street on the flashing "DON'T WALK".

The signals are activated by a pedestrian detector push-button, which causes the controller to operate a preprogrammed timed sequence of steady "WALK" and flashing "DON'T WALK" indications.

Pedestrian signal indications consist of the international symbols displaying a person walking for the "WALK" indication and a hand for the "DON'T WALK" indication. The "WALK" or person walking symbol is displayed in white and the "DON'T WALK" or hand symbol is displayed in Portland orange.

The signal sequence begins when the "WALK" indication is illuminated. The WALK sequence in the City of New Haven is 7 seconds long and allows enough time for pedestrians to leave the curb and begin crossing the street before the clearance interval begins, followed by "DON'T WALK", with the timing based on the street width.

The "DON'T WALK" indication, steadily illuminated, means that
pedestrians should not enter the street in the direction of the
pedestrian signal.

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